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B.A.C Bangalore Anime Club

A place where all the anime/manga fans from Bangalore can meet other anime fans, talk and share their interests. Here you get to watch anime, discuss them and interact with anime freaks just like you! Also you can get to exhibit your talents

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SerVXLns Jobs

We are a recruitment firm based in Bangalore, India. We source candidates for BPO, IT, Retail, Banking segment

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Forum free : Sai Gardens Apartment Owners Associat

Forum free : A forum for owners of apartments in Sai Gardens in Bangalore, India. Sai Gardens is an apartment complex with more than 400 apartments. Most of the owners do not reside there. In view of

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Hello forum, I would like some information about Schefflera bonsai? because I just get one .. Thank you Pascal

A New Dimension in Bonsai Display - A new accompaniment

Besides creating bonsai which is a joyous journey in itself, Bonsai Display has its own varied hues. The traditional Tokonoma display with a scroll, Suiseki and/or an accent planting has been relished and enjoyed over the years. An integral part of

"I always wanted to play a character like Bhoomi."

The gorgeous Shamin Mannan who is seen playing the character of Bhoomi in Swapna Waghmare's daily soap Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki, talks about her journey in this industry, how she got the role of Bhoomi and much more. Let's have a look on what she

Nivi's Natter

Hiya SC-ians:)iam Nivi ,IPK Lover. This is my First ever Thread by Me in D-Forum(i never opened a topic )so pls forgive me for the grammer mistakes,lets start:heart: I came across few replies in other threads comparing JW nd GR acting skills.GR is

Chanchan- nam tho suna hoga. But how far she is different

Yes all Sanaya aka doll fans must be eagerly waiting for dawn o march 25 to see their favorite actress to set the scene on fire with immense beauty and talent with her role chanchan. Me too. But chanchan here is modern bahu and her main uniqueness

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