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The Last Stop on the Road to Salvation

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What is Your Favorite Rusted/Anceint

[b] Mine is rust so far cause that just what i have now is a rusted hammer now a breath core. Now my best weapon with my full rathalos set and skills.

Epitaph Studios Animal of the Day

Hello, this is the first animal of the day. This might not be everyday. It is just a name. Still, let us enjoy these creatures. This is the Goblin Shark. I like it because it looks like a monstrous Jew. Behold it: Up until recently it wa

Epitaph Studios Bi Monthly Pick Em 1

January 20, 2011 Charlie Brenneman vs Daniel Roberts ----- --- --- --- Kamal Shalorus vs Habib Nurmagomedov ----- --- --- --- Jorge Rivera vs Eric Schafer ----- --- --- --- Christian Morecraft vs Pat Barry ----- --- --- --- Jared

It's Crunchtime (GS Comparison Request Thread)

Right, I've finished rebuilding my comparison spreadsheet for GSs. Well, actually, it'll work for any weapon class based on cut damage, but more on that in a moment. I am currently set up to run tests based on comparison requests in the form

Yay i got in!

Well i hardly even expected that! What i got into Well im from scotland so we celebrate a special man called robert burns from like 1750 something. He made scottish poetry that was very good and passoinate. Every year the school celebrate burns night b

Epitaph end of the year Awards

Some suggestions: Uncle Tom of the Year - Stez Most improved poster of the Year - Chode Best shooper of the Year - bebop22k Worst poster of the year - Hisner Biggest hipster of the year - clean_dean Most confused poster of the year - Wart Best

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