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Keeney`s Corner

A reflective and futuristic view of cattle breeding from outside the traditional registered mainstream

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RPG Maker Malaysian Forum Community

RPG Maker Malaysian | Your Source For RPGvx/Ace. Gathering all Malaysian who uses or used Enterbrain's RPG Maker products for discussion of the programs and game creation and development.

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Who can eat meat????

Hi everyone :) As u all may know I'm having my sleeve done on the 8th September this year :) I've got a question to everyone who has already had the sleeve done about eating meat once your surgery was done. Ok so if u have been sleeved can your new

Bloating, stomach ache on IH Regimen

Hi all, I've been on IH since 6 months now, since 1 month and a half my stomach hurts in the afternoon/evening, have a lot of bloating, lot of gas in my stomach, which I fight with laxatives (make me feel better). I'm tring to identify which

Is it healthy to eat steak 4 times a week?..

So I weirdly just discovered the power of steak. I feel great after eating steak. At the moment I eat rib-eye steak medium rare which is cooked on a frying pan with coconut oil. I usually throw in a few vegetables also. The other three day of the week

Wagyu x Charolais

Ok. The first results are in....just got the beef back from this guy: Live WT:1520 HCWT:970 QG: high prime YG: 2.1 REA: 16.2 Dry aged 21 days Tastes great!

The beach is awesome right now

Park at the Hilton and walk through the lobby to the beach. Bring your smartphone causethey got wifi. And bloody Marys.

Is raw meat okay to eat?

Is it okay to eat raw meat? I know poultry is off limits but I've eaten raw beef for a while and I've never had any problems. As I understand it, it's better for hair because there are less anti-oxidants when the meat is cooked, am I right? I've stopped

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