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Deep Brain Discussions

Greetings. I'm Bill the Radioguy. I'm enrolled in the DBS Clinical Trial at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I've established this web forum for folks who are also enrolled in the study to meet,

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Russian 310

Open to the students enrolled in Rus 310, Fall 2012.

#russian, #open, #students, #enrolled, #fall, #2012

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PHILGEPS should provide direct link to LGU for their websites

As an administrator of an LGU site, i don't want to re post again what is posted on philgeps.. Can PHILGEPS redesign their site and provide a direct link per agency i.e . when someone click on the link they will be redirected to

They are 'Slamming' Cell Phones Now

I am really steamed over this. Beware of text messages from If you open the text message, that cellphone number will be automatically enrolled in their $9.99 per month "service" providing ring-tones for 3-months. It is explained

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