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A community for riders of enduro, trials, MX, trail, motard, and street bikes to discuss their bikes, tips, tech, have fun and make friends!

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Missing the old Balkan Sobranie or Bohemian Scandal?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think someone may have finally killed two birds with one stone for those of us who love both classic Balkans and Syrian latakia. McClellands recently released a new mixture by Fred Hannah called

Some Recent GL Pease eBay Values

Current average values on selected GL Pease vintage tins from eBay sales this year to date, straight from my ever-expanding spreadsheet: G.L. Pease Aragorn (2004) 2oz. tin Cornell & Diehl $40.20 G.L. Pease Ashbury (2007) 2oz. tin Cornell &

8 oz. Bohemian Scandal!!!

Bohemian Scandal!!! GL Pease Bohemian Scandal

Antique tobacco tins

I was in an antique mall recently in IN while on vacation. Thought these "antique" pipe tobacco tins were interesting enough to photograph... The PA and the Revelation are not uncommon but the Bohemian plug perique mixture had me fascinated. Doe

Brooke Bohemian Classy Dress

I was waiting to find a source in the net with good image for Last night Event from Brooke! I titled photo as "bohemian dress" because it's what I found, but obviously this do not blind eyes to See how Classy She Looks!! I am not a big

January Playmate Smokes Bohemian Scandal In A 1959 Dunhill!!

Har! Made ya look! Okay, now that I've got your attention, I am soliciting all who have not signed up for the Spring Box Pass to GET ON IT! (Sign up under "Mike's World.") C'mon, it'll be great -- the more the better, the more the fun! (Sorr

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