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Endurance Series mod - 1st Package - v1.2 Released !

After 3 years of work, Enduracers and the Gentlemen Racers are happily releasing the 1st package of the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. It will give you the chance to simulate the best endurance racing experience ever seen in a video game.For this

Hi Enduracers!

Hello my name is Lukas Müller, but you may call me Luke Legend :elephant: I race since 3-4 years, started with GTR I made my way to GTL and GTR2. I always try to race as realistic as possible, cause when it comes to racing in real life, corner cuttin

( HD Youtube )EnduRacers Series LMP2 Practice on SPA

Enduracers - Next League for Tuesdays

I'm looking at organising the next Tuesday league using the Enduracers mod.The rounds will consist of a mixture of sprint races and endurance races.The cars I'm looking at are either GT-1, GT-2 or both.To help decide I will run this poll for the nex

Enduracers new member

After a successful partnership with Enduracers back in May 2010/t574-enduracers-koda-factory-partnership-rfactorWe decided to move forward and from now on I'm a full time Enduracers proud member Stay tuned for more quality work from

Setups and laptimes question

Can anyone tell me where to get cars setups for tracks like Le Mans 2004 and Brianza, Brands Hatch etc. for the Courage C65 Belmondo. (Edit sorry wrong car)I have a feeling I'm super slow and even worse online other cars of the same class just seems t


Salut tout le monde ! Je m'attaque au skin de la team Edil-Cris en Gt Open :En me creusant un peu les méninges, j'ai réussi à peindre les attaches capots en bleu

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