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Free forum : for members of the under construction alliance in Ikariam world Lamda. Friends and allies can visit the embassy too.

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Embassy respectfully requested

Greetings fellow galactic warriors. I respectfully request an embassy in which we may discuss potential future doings.   

Requesting Embassy and Alliance

Greetings, members of Serenity Station!I am Firefox, Admiral in charge of Inter-Fleet Relations for the Starfleet Temporal Investigation Agency, or The Agency as we like to call it. I have been reading through your thread on Starbase One, and I am

EUK Embassy

Hello Belgium! My name is KieranB and I am the eUK's ambassador to eBelgium.Here is our cabinet for the current term;President - N W GPrime Minister - Bohemond4Minister's of Defence - FragUK & mwcerberusMinister of Foreign Affairs

US Embassy Baghdad

Hope this is the correct section to post but thought I'd share these with youI know in other nations the security force is madeup of locally employeed security guards however in this case I think that all members where from the State Departments

ENetherlands embassy

THe eNL government for April 2012CP - MattiovCP - Van SpijckGovernment Adviser - Auggustus - Garmr - Joep O - MaartenWGovernment Translator - RikW - SamproidzzMoHA - MissingnoSSoHA - Hemmer - WinnieDePoehMoFA - Van SpijckSSoFA -

US Embassy Annex Kabul Police/Security Force patches

US Embassy Annex Police and Secutity Forces patches from Kabul. Both are on Velcro. Have a few extra sets if anyone is interested.[img][/img]

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