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Changing Breeds: La voie de l'instinct

Le present forum est le lieu d'une partie de jeu role dans l'univers des Changing Breeds selon les revision de W20. Elle présente les aventures de 4 personnages joueurs et explore les themes de ceux q

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Shiro Takahashi

PersonaName: Shiro TakahashiGender: MaleAge: 19Birthday: October 1st, X816Sexuality: HeterosexualTheme Song: El Dorado (Two steps from hell)Special Characteristics:High Speed:Shiro is a very fast runner, and he can run a mile in under

MORAN, Alana Marley

Alana Marley Moran______________________________________________________________________________________------------------------------------------------------------INTRODUCTION------------------------------------------------------------FULL

Skaia Academy Institute: Elle Lackars

Name: Elle LackarsAge: 16Grade: 11Hair color: Light blondeEye color: LilacHair style: Long and slightly curlyDorm: DerseClasses1- Gym2- Math3- English4- AP Botany5- AP Sociology6- Music7- Broadcasting8- Study Hall9-

Do You Have Any Suggestions For The Forum?

Do you have any suggestions for the forum?If you do don't hesitate to post them here

120522 Jessica Talks About Herself in ‘Elle Korea’ Magazine

Jessica is featured in the June issue of “Elle Korea” Magazine. In her interview, she talks about her fashion style, her image, her experiences, and Girls’ Generation’s future plans.I want to know what you did the past week.This past week was a time

Kill the diary holders(2/6)(C)

To Part 1 before!Request name: Kill the Diary Holders! [Part 2]Request rank: C - RankClient name: DeusObjective: Search for every single Diary Holder, kill them and get your reward! Location: Anywhere in FioreReward: 6.000 Jewels - 1.000

120619 TaeTiSeo: First Korean stars gracing Korean ‘Elle Girl’ cover

Having released their first mini album ‘Twinkle’ back in May, TaeTiSeo brought out their bright and lively charms for ‘Elle Girl’. Besides that, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are also the first Korean stars to be featured as the cover models for the Korean

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