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Edinburghdoos is a website set up for members to disscuss the flying, catching, losing, selling, swapping & buying of Horseman, Pouters, Tils, Gaddi's and any other fancy breed of thieving birds

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Edinburgh (EDI) - Bournemouth (BOH) service to end

Ryanair's service between Edinburgh and Bournemouth is due to cease towards the end of the month. The last flight from Bournemouth to Edinburgh looks likely to be FR6605 0640 on Saturday 27th March 2010. Similarly the last flight from Edinburgh to

Edinburgh Verona

Howdy,I fly to Verona every summer from Scotland and am sick of changing at London. I see Ryanair now fly from Edinburgh to Verona - what's the odds of this route operating next summer and when would be the earliest I could book for next

27th Base in Edinburgh

Ryanair Announces 27th European Base in Edinburgh2 AIRCRAFT ($140M), 19 ROUTES & 1,200 JOBS Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline today

Edinburgh Zoo Penguin cam

Heard about this on the radio this morning and only just been able to check it out. It's obviously Edinburgh Zoo. The Penguins have really been enjoying the snow. There has apparantly been lots of playing in the snow. I have just been watching one little

Hello From Edinburgh :-)

Hey,Stumbled across this place, and thought it would be a good place to chat to fellow Staff owners.Ti Amo, my 4 yr old male staff was actually my first.Got him in 2009, from Edinburgh Cat & Dog home.Lovely manners and temper.I use

Billund - Edinburgh

Hi,According to the ryainair homepage there should be cheap flights from Billund to Edinburgh in febuary, but when i try to book, the first flights starts in Marts.Do anyone know why ?Cheers

Edinburgh - Berlin from Nov 2011

Does anyone know whether flights from Berlin to Edinburgh have been officially cancelled or whether they simply selled out very quickly? It is still possible to book flights in October but there are none in Nov or Dec. :/

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