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The Final Whistle

The Final Whistle - Discuss all types of sport. This is your chance to chat about issues in the sporting world. So if you love sport, then why not check out TFW now.

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Free forum : Billy Rubens Circle Jerk

Free forum : Conspiracies, whistle-blowers, dissidents, social lepers all welcome. . . except spammers and mindless trolls

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Welcome to Girls United!

This is a forum where gals from girlsense. com can get together and talk about it, among other things, in a G-rated and fun environment! Check it out!

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Deer Whistle/Sirens.. Do they help...?

I have just put the deer whistles on my scoot. I mounted them to the light bar of Dennis'. After installation I did a google on the subject and was a little surprised at what I read. No big deal, they look sharp.... cost about $6.., so even if they

I need to amplify a dog whistle ..

i need to find a way to amplify a dog whistle or a way to create the sound with a farther reach than your average dog whistle. Someone i know is having a problem so i told them i would see what i could

Help on whistle-like sound

Hi guys... I need some advice on my wr250r issue. Recently I started getting a strange totally annoying whistle-like sound coming from the engine (I think). It vanishes when I release the throttle and is more evident when the engine is running on low

NOTW whistle blower - deaded Jesus - it's all happening.

Whistle under acceleration

Anybody ever get a wierd whistle under accel? The blower has to be "engaged" in order to hear it. I've never noticed it before. Haven't felt like tearing into it to see what it is cause it runs perfect......just curious if anyone else has a whistle

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