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New Zealand Competitions Forum. Earl's Secret Locker

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Finding suitable pen names

Hi guys, I know this will sound very 1980s but I've to got to find a suitable surname for my debut novel which is about to be published. It's got to rhyme with Stella. Did any of u have the same glitch before they got published or am I simply


Hi All, I was not happy with the try cocks provided with the main reason that they were fake and didn't work. I didn't want non working try cocks even if i wasn't going to use them much as so I looked at the options. Option 1 Modify the ones

TOI-famous surnames make life easier-Nishad vaidya

A famous surname makes life easier: Nishad Vaidya By Amrita Mulchandani TNN | Mar 11, 2013, 12.00 AM IST Nishad Vaidya Times of India Jamnagar's Nishad Vaidya on his struggle in Tellytown, his Gujarati connect and more in an

Earl Spilner's room

Here is your room.Enjoy your stay here. P.S Hamouda again forgot to make room ;D.

A -Z of Surnames

Alexander ---

*No Spoilers* Episode 3 - 6/10 - Bachelorette 9 - Discussion

Please, do not post Spoilers in this thread. Just discuss the episode as it airs. Thank you!

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