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Harry Potter - The Hogwarts Experience

Enroll at Hogwarts, be sorted into houses, take classes, earn house points, live the Hogwarts experience

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Ask Snape

Okay i was doing my usual, reading through the many posts over at imdb when i came across this game,called ask Snape. Simple really, all you need to do is answer the question which the previous poster has asked as if u were snape and then ask your

Is Snape Good or Bad - CLOSED

The question that provokes more discussions than any other: Is Snape good or bad? Yes, it's time for another Snape debate :D There will be two teams: for and against. Two members from each house are needed to sign up before the debate can begin. You

Lookalike Challenge #4: Severus Snape

A new set of challenges have reached HE. There will be many of these lookalike challenges, each with a different HP character from the movies in which you need to find the best lookalike to be put to the vote. This 4th lookalike challenge will be on

Unfogging the future of Severus Snape

I thought I would add this class alongside Etta's as recently I have been coming up with my own theories on the future of Severus snape and putting them all into a site called 'the real severus snape' (see our affiliates) Now it is your turn to unfog


i see no one has put this ship up and i think its one of the most interesting ones out there how he loved her for so long and we didnt even know untill the end i wonder how he really saw harry i know he hated james but harry is lilly son what did h

snape and quirril

We all know Snape is very skilled at Legillimency and Occlumency. We know Snape always suspected Quirrel in the first book. how come Snape could not use Ligillimency on Quirrell? He should be able to find out what he was up to. The only thing I can

Snape's Death Changed in Movie From Book err, I just realized I seem to post new threads in here a lot (=/) but I've just heard they changed Snape's death in the movie from how it happened in the book. I'm not happy. xD I thought the way he died in the book showed a lot about

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