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Possible awful side effect from Botox injections

Hi all, I have something I wanted to throw out here for discussion. I am 40 years young... I got off the pill in January of this year. I thought I was in premature menopause because I had no period for 6 months after quitting the pill. Then Mother

Botox Catastrophe

Dear Fabulous Migraine People, I had a new Botox protocol, about 50 injections in my neck and shoulders and back and head. What a disaster. I've had a status migraine ever since the injections, more than two months now. Has anyone else had this kind of

Botox and my migraines

I have been doing botox injections every three months for about two years now. I had a break at one point when it stopped being covered, and then had the worst migraine episode ever, which lasted several months. Since the I have been getting it

Just wanted to re- post the botox, STR and goldman studies for guys who haven't seen them

We would like to present the results of an open-label pilot study using botulinum toxin type A (Botox; Allergan, Inc., Irvine, Calif.) for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. This form of alopecia is believed to be caused by a genetically

Botox injections- preleminary results

Hi All, Well, I saw my new neuro last week and he did Botox injections. I had them two times before- but that was about ten years ago. They have changed the way they do them- I remember getting only one or two shots in the forehead and one or two i

Botox inquiry the Botox procedure expensive? Can anyone shed some light on the process? Like, if it would be an on-going thing. Or what kind of side effects are if any (long term short term) I want my head to look like Joan rivers face!

Update, botox qestion

Hi All, I have had a really bad migraine for the past week or so. The past few days have been horrible- due to the migraines, fainting, and family stuff. We also had a leak in our ceiling recently and they are repainting today- not helping the

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