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Hi Steven

Sup dude

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Ojama Dude

Heres my new fun deck. It needs some fixes: Monsters(20): 3x Diamond Dude 2x Ojama Black 2x Ojama Yellow 2x Ojama Green 2x Ojama Red 3x Ojama Blue 1x Stratos 1x Chaos Sorcerer 1x Mystic Tomato 2x D-Hero Defender 1x Rescue Cat

Dude! Where's my car?

a few months back I was towing a car 2 hours north and when i pulled into the body shop parking lot I saw an old friend I was told the kid went off the road hit tree's on both sides he was un-injured. This was back in May 2011....

Polymerization & diamond dude

if i use diamond dude's effect to activate polymerization do i have to send the fusion materials to the graveyard?

Hippie Dude Name Generator

Your Hippie Dude Name Is: Bud Hippie Dude Name Generator

Dude, The Expendables 2

EXPENDABLES 2: Arnold Shwarzenegger and Bruce Willis Sign on for 'Substantial' Roles Confirming recent rumors, the Governator and Willis have finally signed on as returning cast After a great deal of speculation, Deadline confirms that Arnold

Card Ruling at Diamond Dude?

what's hes ruling?

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