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Forum free : Welcome to our forum ! Our community has been founded to bring together dog owners, dog trainers and, in general, people interested in the advancement of remote collar dog t

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Martingale Collar or Flat Collar? Collar Sizing Question

I am about to get the kids a gift of new collar. It's a little pricey but the quality is good and I can use it for a long time. Should I get a martingale/slip or a flat collar? They can't slip out of a martingale collar right? Titus slipped out of his fla

Harness or collar?

Hi all, picked up some really helpful tips already. I just wondered which you think is the best? Pup training insisted on a collar, but wonder if I should try the harness again? Might be more comfortable for him when he tries to jump up at people and

Soft E-Collar?

Anybody know where I can find one online with super fast shipping? Sue-Shi's mange has gotten to the itchy stage and I can't find one here in town. She has a hard collar, but hates it and so do I. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Harnesses vs. regular collar vs. pincher collar vs. choker collar.

I'm trying to figure out the best, and most effective way of training my puppy, Gracie Loo, to walk with me and not be all over the place. I would like to get a harness, because I intend on taking her hiking and camping and such in the future and feel

For those who own RuffWear Knot-A-Collars...

The other day, I noticed that Juneau's collar was hanging by a strand - literally. I took it off and realized that the metal loop for the collar was shearing the collar (the edges were not smoothed out enough)! The tear was touching Juneau's neck, right

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