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Article on New Migraine drug MK-0974

I was paroozing webMD and found an easy to read article on a new migraine drug that shows promising results to those of us who cannot take or do not respond to triptan medications. Here is the link to the article. What do you guys think? 50% is pretty


Anyone ever try it? I was prescribed it by my new neurologist this week. I took it on Tuesday and it wiped out a migraine in progress completely. I'm pretty amazed - virtually nothing has ever done that for me. It's hard for me to believe that I hav

Drag and drop command

Hi all, I am new to Selenium IDE. I want to test an application using Selenium IDE. I want to drag and drop some pictures. Can anyone help me out in using the exact command and the parameters i need to pass. -Adithya

Hospital said they won't treat me?

I came home for winter break, and stupidly left my medication in my apartment. I had to go to the ER twice before the holidays were over and I could go to my doctor to get my medications. On the second visit the ER told me I'm there too often and if I

Topamax experience

I thought i would trial Topamax to deal with my daily chronic headaches. After 3 days I was totally depressed, very anxious and extremely angry, so angry it was scary to me and others. Needless to say, they are now languishing in the bottom of the bin.

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