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Voltorb Flip Calculator

Ok, so for those of you who are playing HG/SS at the moment, here is an excellent Voltorb Flip Cheat. It may not be 100% accurate all the time, but it comes pretty darn close! Enjoy! Ra P.S.: So far

Rotom's Forms!

Inside each of the packaging for pokemon platinum there is a paper slip that has a secret code of a rotom form.It also sez if you get the other 4 codes of the other rotom forms you get a special gift. i have reason to believe that special something is an

Need kyogre

does any1 have a kyogre they can trade me heres what i have 2 offer lugia shiny raikou entei shiny entei and about a 100 non legendaries so if u dont want any of those tell me what else u want i might have it.


hi, hey, anyone knows which moves are the best for a metragros that is adamant?? as fas as i know, it can learn moves like: earthcuake, hammer arm, aerial ace, explition, gyro ball, and he knows pursuit, that is the only dark move that he can learn and i

Merc's EVing Centre

Welcome to my EV Training Centre! Please fill out this form: Pokemon you want EV training EVs Wanted TMs (If needed) One pokemon EV trained = Free Two pokemon EV trained = Rare Pokemon Three pokemon EV trained = Legendary Pokemon Four pokemo

Needing heart scales for Soulsilver

I have ran out of them in both, my soulsilver and diamond and currently there isnt any way to get them other than smashing rocks which will take forever. So anyone who is willing to give me a heart scale, give me any poke(Not any gen 4 pokes, only gen 1-3

Soul silver wifi battle!

Wifi battle! message on Skype, Yahoo MSG, Aim MSG. k3vin1109 Kevin Le Single Flat battle. No ubers please, but having one is fine. And just have fun! my pokemon aren't the correct natures and they are just Base EV trained. Friend Code: 3825

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