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Foreign community at Chinese WoW

For those who want to play World of Warcraft on the Chinese realms, in Chinese, French or English

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Need Art For Two New Audio Dramas!

The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance will soon be releasing two new audio dramas that we need some cool images for. The first audio drama is called "Jealousy", a murder mystery set in a post-pandemic future. A small town in the desolate

[Discussion] The other cross-dressing dramas of this season

I'm sure there are a people out there who watch other dramas than just Ouran ^^ And as it happened, this summer season has 3 cross-dressing/male harem dramas. So are you watching Ikemen desu ne or Hana Kimi 2011? What are you opinions on these

Asian Dramas

Spoiler: I'm sorry if this is/was posted before.   Do you like any Asian Dramas, if so which ones and why? I have only seen about 10, but I'm getting farther. My favorite ones would have to be Dream High, You're Beautiful, and To The Beautiful

Rajshri Productions-From family dramas to suspense thrillers--Samrat & Co

From family dramas to suspense thrillers **** Can follow Samrat& Co on twitter : Samrat played by Rajeev Khandelwal Facebook :  Samrat & Co. ******* Samrat & Co. First Look of

Other Dramas and Movies of Ouran Casts

I just wanna ask if any one of you knows where to find these following videos? Tumbling (drama) Paradise Kiss (movie) Shaken Baby! (drama) And, do you have any recommended dramas of YY or any of the cast members? ^_^

Stargate audio dramas

Are any of you stargate fans? I used to be a huge wannabe stargate fan, and finally got a netflix trial membership and went straight through the SG1 series. I've known about Big Finnish's stargate "audio drama" productions but just felt that

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