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Lucario's Realm Clan

Lucario's Realms' secondary forum

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Lucario Aura Center

Welcome one and all to the Lucario Aura Center!! Please make yourselves at home and remember to respect everyone within.

#lucario, #aura, #center, #welcome, #center!!, #please, #make, #yourselves, #home, #remember, #respect, #everyone, #within

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Joshua the Gambling Lucario (inactive)

Name- Joshua Gender- Male Level- 40 Age- Young Adult Moves- -Force Palm-Swords Dance-Sky Uppercut (Breeding)-Quick Attack Ability-Inner Focus Nature- Relaxed Characteristics- Likes to Relax

Black Lucario Deck Out

Alright Guys, this is going to be the first of a few Custom decks that I put up. I made this deck on a request of a teammate of mine. He had been running somewhat of a Stall/Deck-out deck previously and came to me with the issue of it not running fast

Mega Evolution Revealed?

Early this morning, a new form of evolution was released. The process, called Mega Evolution, but the Pokemon Blazekin, Mawile, Lucario, Absol, Ampharos, and Mewtwo are shown to be able to use it. This explains why Mewtwo was able to transform into it's

Kirito the Lucario and Asuna the Infernape WIP

ITS MY FAVORITE DAMN ANIME DONT MESS WITH ME BRO. .profiletable {float:left;width:535px;background-color:#121212;border:1px dotted #3f3f3f} .profiletable th {padding:10px;background-color:#1a1c1d;vertical-align:middle;font-weight:bold} .profiletable t

Artemis the Infected Lucario [inactive]

Name:ArtemisSpecies:LucarioApproximate time of infection:Four days agoKnown Moves:-Swords Dance-Force Palm-Metal Claw-Heal PulseHeight:4'00"Weight:119.0lbsHistory:Artemis was born to a Lucario, her mother, and

Khan the Lucario (Mountain Team, Johto)

.profiletable {float:left;width:535px;background-color:#121212;border:1px dotted #3f3f3f} .profiletable th {padding:10px;background-color:#1a1c1d;vertical-align:middle;font-weight:bold} .profiletable td {padding:5px} Image by ShadowGothKhan Item

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