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Honor and Glory - the DotD guild

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Tv westerns in colour (color) !

Noticed a recent post from Westernut enquiring if Cheyenne was ever filmed in colour. Someone correctly replied it wasn't , none of the Warner Bros westerns of the period were. However thought I might expand the topic a little  and list those that did

Great quotes -- share your favorites

I was just reading an article on Dave Feamster (former NHL defenseman whose career was cut short, and who ended up running several Little Caesar's franchises with a little help from his former owner, Marian Ilitch. Anyhow, he had a great quote (see at th

This Place Is Tombstone

Seriously just think about it, let me brake it down Wyatt Earp = Ninja Bill Paxton as Wyatts Brother = Combat Sports, he disappeared halfway through the movie Old Wyatts brother = Wolf Doc holliday = Me of course hahaha, Im the crazy

Strikeforce's tombstone...

From BE - from user nottheface ; It’s 2011 and the Strikeforce deathwatch continues on the blogosphere, as we await the company’s eminent demise under the massive debt that the company has either accrued, or will soon be incurring thanks to the


Here are the Five Rules for Men to Follow for a Happy Life that Russell J. Larsen had inscribed on his headstone in Logan, Utah . He died not knowing that he would win the 'Coolest Headstone' contest. FIVE RULES FOR MEN TO FOLLOW FOR A HAPPY LIFE: 1.

Skeleton Bike

Even the skeleton bike is on the darkside. Looks like the radiator should look like a tombstone?

Update on Wrestlemania 28 plans

Shawn Michaels is scheduled to be the special referee for the Undertaker vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania. Since Triple H and Shawn Michaels have both failed twice at ending the streak, it lends something to the idea that they could work together to

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