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Loxton Irrigation Centre Over35 300m - Ray Earle sash - Lyn Peake dives for third and is too injured to go on the podium

Loxton 25th Feb 2012 Ray Earle scored his first SAAL sash in a very competitive finish to the Loxton Irrigation Centre Over35 300m. Second was Alex Jefferies finishing fast over the top of his Team Townley training partners Lyn Peake and Brett

Americus seminars 2012 AAR

Just a quick note to say that the courses went very well. Shane once again worked tirelessly in organizing the event. Slacky will be posting a full AAR later. Many thanks to Shane and Megan for their hospitality. [Shane and Den on range]

Nice bargain from ebay

yep a Wafdale mini stereo system player £5. Says mint condition and is sold in my little town so no postage, didnt really need this but at that price couldnt help myself, hehehe

Costa Del Sol Golf and Course Watering

Guys, just got back from a great weeks golf on the costa's and some great weather and courses. Played La Cala Asia, Cabopina, Miraflores and an exceptional track at Marbella Golf and Country Club. Cabapino was ok but was the worst of the 4 tracks so not o

Colonic irrigation

anyone tried it, always fancied giving it a bash. a mate used to go to thailand and have it done every year. reckoned it was the business.

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