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*Dumfries and Galloway Vintage Machinery Club Annual Working Day

Hi all Heres my local clubs Annual working day Sun, 20 October 2013, 09:00 – 16:00 A place is still to be decided, but keep an eye on the club web site for more

Bamfords and millers

seen this on ebay, everything looks identical to a bamford, so whats the history on the different makers

Means to ends, and the machinery of springs and rivers!

With Thanksgiving approaching for those that celebrate it - I like to think of what William Buckland left us to think on (1830) Quote:In the whole machinery of springs and rivers, constructed hills and valleys, and the apparatus that is kept in action

Hants & Dorset Vintage Machinery Preservation Group

Initially, just a facebook group for the Hampshire & Dorset area's, a way of sharing local events, photo's etc for now, but if enough interest is gained then maybe it could form something more club like in the future Group page here.

Interesting machinery and implements?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for some interesting things to drive off of our engines? We've got a stuart water pump, a lister shearing set and a massive mechanical hacksaw. That's 3 engines sorted, The Lister L31 looks nice just

New State of the Art Machinery For STW - Ordered Today

Hi All, We are pleased to let everyone know that as a forward thinking company we have invested in the future by purchasing a new CNC machine from HAAS. The lathe we have purchased is the very newest in technology with full driven tooling. This mean

*Dumfries and Galloway Vintage Machinery Club Annual Rally

Hi all, Here is my local clubs annual rally dates. Sun, 26 May 2013, 10:00 – 16:00 Park Farm, Dumfries You will be able to get entry forms from the link below once they get the new form sorted out. Just keep an eye out for

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