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Girls dorms (yes boys are welcome to this one)

Cana look at a piece of paper she had and look up a the dorm she was kinda of in a shock it was a big ass dorm she didn't think it would be that big as she walked inside she notice there was boys around guess it was ok as long as it was in the day time sh

Dorms Banner and others idea

Hi everyone, Rakha here and im thinking we should give an edit for the dorms name, banners and others. I've got an idea for the dorms, my idea is to make the dorms name in too: 1.Uria Red Dorm 2.Hamon Yellow dorm 3.Raviel blue dorm With this we can

New to the dorms ( anyone can join )

Shinji had walked up to the dorms he was wearing his casual clothes blue jeans, dark blue t-shirt, and a black leather coat. He had his katana on his back along with the rest of his stuff he was ordered by his clan and guild to take a year or so and do

Hogwarts Dorms


Rules of Duel Academy (Must Read)

THE RULES OF DUEL ACADEMY 1 ) DO NOT Spam. The following is considered spam: 1.1 - Posting messages which contain under 10 words, such as "WTF?!", "lol", "ok", "cool story" and various other messages, subject to Moderator discretion. Not all posts

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