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Free forum : PSSD collaborative research

Free forum : A forum dedicated to collaborative research into PSSD (post SSRI sexual dysfunction).

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Minoxidil may cause Hyperprolactinaemia

from Wikipedia: may be caused by either disinhibition (e.g., compression of the pituitary stalk or reduced dopamine levels) or excess production from a prolactinoma (a

Focus and Attension supplements

Anyone taking any supps or know of any supps that help for people with ADHD?

Great Article on Sex, Prolactin, and Dopamine

Hi All,Check out this article. It's worth the read for those who aren't familiar with this relationship between dopamine, prolactin, sex, and other addictive processes. Points: -

Ecklonia Cava increase Dopamine?

CS mentioned in another post that EC increases alpha brain waves. Would this not elevate dopamine? Would this cause problems with long term use?

Concentration and motivation

I suffer from very poor concentration and motivation which causes me to drift off in classes sometimes and miss information, as well as being extremely lacking in motivation, my studies are going very downhill. I am wondering if there is anything I can

Dopamine is a novel, direct inducer of catagen in human scalp hair follicles in vitro.

Br J Dermatol. 2012 Nov 23. doi: 10.1111/bjd.12113. [Epub ahead of print]Dopamine is a novel, direct inducer of catagen in human scalp hair follicles in vitro.Langan EA, Lisztes E, Bíró T, Funk W, Kloepper JE, Griffiths CE, Paus R.Dermatology

Supplements to increase Testosterone ?

The only ones I know are Tribulus (750mg p/day) and Boron Chelate (2mg p/day) Anyone know any more ?

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