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Shoemaker Composite Squadron

A web forum designed for Shoemaker Composite Squadron's Cadet Program.

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Cub Cadet 72

I have a Cub cadet #72 which I am installing a Tecumseh 10hp engine in. It is the old, late 60s model. Can this be usable to run the woods...or is the design too "stiff" and unyielding ? Beside being rather unchangeable in it's gear

National Cadet Open Tryout Recap!

NPH Recap: National Cadet Open Tryout + Invitational -

James cadet 1956 a-stand

i am having problems trying to fix the a-stand return spring as don't were it locates anyone got any pics this would help

Registering my 1956 James cadet

i have a james cadet 1956 it reregistering as it not been on since before 1983,i need get proof manfacturer and date of manfacturer to keep it from getting a Q plate its got it chassis number on 56 L15 **** would the francis barnett owners club hold this

Cub Cadet 4x4

The Plan Transfer case T-case Painted Transmission and PTO Finished Product

James cadet forks

I dont know if cadet forks are the same as the plover, the forks in question are on a 1956 cadet 150cc . there are no leaks from the drain bung or the rod anchor bolts as far as I can see and yet after use and if left for a while i get oil on the wheel ri

Can you help a James owner please?

Hi! My name is David Wheeldon. I am sorry to say that I do not own a Francis Barnett - but I do have three James, including a 1961 L15A Flying Cadet, which I am renovating. I understand it is a FB Plover with different badges and paint-scheme! I am

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