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Skillet/Disciple/Decyfer Down

I'm getting to go see these 3 bands Saturday night in Nashville! My neck will probably be major sore from headbangin' on Sunday, but it will SO be worth it! Crank it up!

New Drummer In Disciple???

Here's the list of band members on their FB page: Quote:Kevin Young - Vocals Israel Beachy - Bass Andrew Welch - Guitar Micah Sannan - Guitar Trent Reiff- Drums

Disciple members leave...

Apparently after the show in Germany tonight, it will be the last show for guitarist Micah Sanonn & bassist Israe Beachy. The band is continuing on however, thank God. Looks like Fozzy/Walking With Kings gutarist Rich Ward is going to play guitar on

New guitarist for Disciple.

In January Nathan Ehman joined Disciple but he was only here for a short while. He had applied for a job with Third Day as a guitar tech before he joined the band, and they called him about a month after he came onboard. The job with Third Day would

New Disciple Album

Apparently Disciple is working on a new album and just announced the title of it a couple hours ago. The title of the new album will be "O God Save Us All". There hasn't been any word of a release date or anything else yet.

Brad Noah from Disciple?? A Solo Project????

I just happened to stumble across this just a second ago when I was looking at Under Command's friends list. Apparently, Brad has a solo instrumental project page and even has a 15 SONG ALBUM and an acoustic Christmas album released!!!! It's called Back i

Disciple B-Sides

Since I had already bought the normal edition of the album, I didn't really want to buy the album over again when a deluxe edition comes out unless I knew the 7 B-sides were worth it. Well I did some digging on Youtube and found that somebody had uploaded

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