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Skillet/Disciple/Decyfer Down

I'm getting to go see these 3 bands Saturday night in Nashville! My neck will probably be major sore from headbangin' on Sunday, but it will SO be worth it! Crank it up!

Brad Noah from Disciple?? A Solo Project????

I just happened to stumble across this just a second ago when I was looking at Under Command's friends list. Apparently, Brad has a solo instrumental project page and even has a 15 SONG ALBUM and an acoustic Christmas album released!!!! It's called Back i

Disciple members leave...

Apparently after the show in Germany tonight, it will be the last show for guitarist Micah Sanonn & bassist Israe Beachy. The band is continuing on however, thank God. Looks like Fozzy/Walking With Kings gutarist Rich Ward is going to play guitar on

New Drummer In Disciple???

Here's the list of band members on their FB page: Quote:Kevin Young - Vocals Israel Beachy - Bass Andrew Welch - Guitar Micah Sannan - Guitar Trent Reiff- Drums

New Disciple Album

Apparently Disciple is working on a new album and just announced the title of it a couple hours ago. The title of the new album will be "O God Save Us All". There hasn't been any word of a release date or anything else yet.

New guitarist for Disciple.

In January Nathan Ehman joined Disciple but he was only here for a short while. He had applied for a job with Third Day as a guitar tech before he joined the band, and they called him about a month after he came onboard. The job with Third Day would

Disciple B-Sides

Since I had already bought the normal edition of the album, I didn't really want to buy the album over again when a deluxe edition comes out unless I knew the 7 B-sides were worth it. Well I did some digging on Youtube and found that somebody had uploaded

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