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Simply German Shepherds

A resource & info forum for the more discerning GSD owner

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The independent authorised forum for everything Sealine

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Great Tips!!

I just received this e-mail. If these tips work, I'm all for it. I will definitely be trying these. Subject: How to handle Telemarketers & Junkmail This is a good one - worth reading - and

SBO 2nd annual offshore trip...

Who wants to do another SBO tuna trip? I know Joesfishingproblem wants in, and Smitty said he might be interested!!! So anyone who wants the chance at catching a tuna over 200 pounds and meet some SBO gang members, Hop on!!! Brian

NJ Offshore report (Sat July 14)

Broke the inlet about 5am and headed for the bluewater with a 4-man crew on my buddy's 25' Parker Pilothouse. We were greeted by 2'-3' seas as we embarked on our journey, which laid down to ones and twos as the morning progressed. Arriving at our

New US offshore banking rules

I found this today on one of the financial blogs: Guest Post: Do I Have To Report My Offshore Gold...?from Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden Via Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog, Let’s do a little math problem today. As you probably know, in 2010 the

Offshore fishing 5/22, clw fl

Went offshore yesterday...... no problems getting bait! ran out 30 miles........ did some grouper fishing, hit alot of small red grouper no keepers! put out a flat line on my small rod (300 stradic w/ 10lbs test) w/ a pilchard on it and zzzzzz! a 20ld

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