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Free forum : Technical Directors Forum

Free forum : A gathering place for theatrical technical directors to discuss ideas, issues & solutions.

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UPEXNET Executive Director Forum

Discussion Forum for Non-Profit Executive Directors

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Resident Evil Forums

Resident Evil Forums

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Half-Blood Vengeance: Percy Jackson RPG

Demigods have choices to make: Become a hero and please the Olympians, or help the Titans tear Olympus down brick-by-brick: A Percy Jackson RPG

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I finally found a directors chair for under $60 with free shipping to Ontario!

Ok, so it's not TECHNICALLY a director's chair, but I DON'T GIVE A POOP! I've searched high and low and on every auction, buy/sell site out there in hopes of scoring one of those lovely tall chairs and everything I found either wasn't available in

Tall directors chair - AUSTRALIA

Hi, I've just ordered my tall directors chair! Woo hoo!!! For all you Aussies, here is the link It's $108.95 plus free freight - It's the cheapest I've found, especially considering

Tall directors chair in New Zealand??!!

Do any of the New Zealand face painters know where we can source a reasonably priced tall directors chair here in NZ? or some sort of tall folding stool? The ones i have found are all upward of $270 NZ which is just more than i can pay right now, but

An Ode to Greatest Directors

Share your favorite directors who have time and again enchanted you with their story-telling and imagination.

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