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I finally found a directors chair for under $60 with free shipping to Ontario!

Ok, so it's not TECHNICALLY a director's chair, but I DON'T GIVE A POOP! I've searched high and low and on every auction, buy/sell site out there in hopes of scoring one of those lovely tall chairs and everything I found either wasn't available in

Tall directors chair - AUSTRALIA

Hi, I've just ordered my tall directors chair! Woo hoo!!! For all you Aussies, here is the link It's $108.95 plus free freight - It's the cheapest I've found, especially considering

Tall directors chair in New Zealand??!!

Do any of the New Zealand face painters know where we can source a reasonably priced tall directors chair here in NZ? or some sort of tall folding stool? The ones i have found are all upward of $270 NZ which is just more than i can pay right now, but

Wanted Tall Director's Chair cheap!

I sit when I paint because I have to because of bad knees and before we got the fatmax my Daughter did to because the set up made it easier. Now she has decided she would rather stand to paint. I need a tall folding chair cheap. I have to go through the

An Ode to Greatest Directors

Share your favorite directors who have time and again enchanted you with their story-telling and imagination.

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