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L vs Digi (KP)

L vs Digi - 2/1, good games. Necroface OTK vs Frogs of the Gate Guardian Necroface OTK vs Frogs of the Gate Guardian Necroface OTK vs Frogs of the Gate Guardian Quote:B4. "YOU. SHALL NOT. PAAAAASS!" Summon the Gate Guardian and win th

Digi Doodle Shop-Bow Wow, Meow and Grr!

Theme was animals this week

Digi vs akaFila (Mini-Live #3)

I won 2-0. GGs fila!

Digi Images

YAY I did it. Using the link for Charmed Cards I downloaded two lots of bundles, plus the freebies, and I was amazed that as soon as I had confirmed payment, the link was there with the invoice. Briliiant, I expected to wait a short while at least.

Digi vs Asian Shadow (Famine)

I won 2-1 game 1 with a Chaos Dragon mirror match, and then match 2 I won 2-0 with WU vs his Chaos Crane. GGs

Digi's Social Network

Hai derr! Summer is approaching, exams are wrapping up for most, most of us are making plans to go on vacation! So let's get to know each other a little bit more in the meantime. In this topic we'll be talking about what you want to do (or already doing)

Plant deck by Digi

The decks been running alright nothing to bad but im trying to make the deck have at most 42 cards if you guys could help on ether making it perform better or cutting the deck down i would greatly appreciate it http://i.imgur.com/PbD7q9K.png

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