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Free forum : A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.

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Do you paint on lips/mouth?

I know it makes many designs look so much more realistic and complete, but I think I've decided not to paint on lips and mouths for children anymore. Kids are getting paint on their teeth, the design seems to be messed up in a matter of minutes (not just

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Using glitter on lips / around the mouth

I've seen several videos and pictures of face painting where the artist uses glitter on or near the mouth. Are there any concerns about the children/people ingesting the glitter? I've run a search here, but couldn't find anything... I thought that

What about painting lips and sanitation

I've just been painting a few months. I have some of the sample books, and when little girl see that, some of them will ask to have their lips painted as well. If the parents say yes, then I do. But what about sanitation? I just don't have enough brushes

Lips with Snazaroo???

I've searched but couldn't find any reference to doing lips with Snazaroo. I've played around with it, but definitely just comes off or smears. Am I doing something wrong or is it just that Snaz isn't really for lips? If that's the case, for those that

Tingling tongue n lips?

hey all! I painted my face today as well as my lips and for the last few hours my lips and tip of my tongue are numb and tingling? even now and i washed the design off about 40min ago... anyone else have that happen before? i have painted myself dozens of

Painting lips

Can you tell me what you use to paint the lips? I assume at a craft show or festival you have to use something disposable to do the lips, to prevent germs, q-tips?

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