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CS: Very Low Carb Diets....

CS, What is you're take on very low carb diets? Say under 30g? Is this injurious to the body? Some say it effects the thyroid... Thanks

Paleolithic and McDougall diets

This discussion is not to compare the 2 (Paleolithic and McDougall) diets and find differences, instead I want to know how both these diets are similar in regards to hair regrowth. For instance, in regards to hair growth, it is good to avoid dairy

Fluids after surgery

Hi everyone, how long after surgery were you on fluids for? Therese

diets and diets

i dont post much here. im more a reader. ive been trying to change my diet, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting arguments here as to which one to go with. i watched this film. it was quite

Diets and Vitamins, Why

Diets and Vitamins, Why "Biogenic Vitamins" Are Principal There may be 15 unexpendable vitamins needful daily for a symmetrical fast. Knowledgeable what these are can modify our physical and lineament lives. The vitamins I will disclose about in this

Diets rich in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol increase sensitivity to LPS

Background It was hypothesized that a pro-atherogenic, high saturated fat and cholesterol diet (HCD) would increase the inflammatory response to E. coli endotoxin (LPS) and increase its concentration in plasma after administration to

Carb free diets - help please

Good morning all :) As im lactose intollerant and opti hated me (has lots of lactose but was advised to give it a go - really bad idea). So my surgeon has told me to do a carb free diet instead of optifast for 2 weeks. I'm being sleeved on nov 10 and

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