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Two Girls Too Much

Random silliness between Dea and Diana

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OnlineCliniqueForum™ & i-Shoppe (Health. Beauty. Food. Life. ™)

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MASSIVE Rory Spoiler!!!!


Comics- extracts and discussions

Could have sworn there was a Dredd thread aleady (must still be on the old forum) ahh well, heres some of my fav Dredd comics stuff. The opening two pages to the excellent America from the Megazine. [img][/img] [img][/img]

GILMORE GIRLS: Jess and Rory

Alright, we all know that they were clearly the best couple! Jess was best suited for Rory and I was very disappointed that his character kind of ended up not having a lot more to do in the series. With the open ending I like to believe that they got

Princess Diana in Never Send Flowers - problematic nowadays?

This thread is designed to collate opinion on the use of HRH Princess Diana as an assassination target in John Gardner's serial killer novel Never Send Flowers (1993). Is this considered problematic since she was killed on 31 August 1997 in a car crash

[SPOILER] Diana got Gypped

Is anybody else a little ticked that Diana only appeared in SuperS? I mean, in the manga, she appeared WAY back in the Black Moon Arc, or the R arc. She's so adorable and she actually plays a much bigger role in the manga.

Rory appreciation!

Yes, a thread dedicated to the less-popular companion of Series 5. The lucky dog who married Amy after waiting almost 2,000 years. I thought today that actually, how Rory died in "Cold Blood" might be how he'd prefer to go, getting erased

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