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A Lego Unverse fan site.

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Customizers And Builders Guild

The Customizers and Builders Guild is a group of Lego enthusiasts specializing in original creations and minifigure customization. Formerly known as the Clone Army Builders Guild.

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UW before the nerf

I would like to get some UW runs in for the people that need to kill Dhuum. I know DoA is going to happen. But maybe if we swap out people after runs, everyone can get a chance to do both. We have the people to do both at the same time. So please help out

Underworld [Dhuum Version] -- Milligramsway

ok so lets get this shit on the fourms so we dont have people coming to do Underworld with just any build LOL. Milligramsway! This write-up is extremely messy and unorganized. It may not even make sense anyone that can edit it feel free as long as

New UW End Chest Items

Since the Dhuum update, making it a pain in the ass to beat, ANet introduced 3 known new items so far. His scythe: Mini Dhuum: Mini Smite

Dhuum Kills Bots <3

Shortly after restart 3 people in my HA group got perm banned xD

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