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RC Fairgrounds Master Plan Update

This year the Routt County Fairgrounds Master Plan, the fairgrounds’ long term vision for development, is undergoing its first update since January 2000.

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Navy undergoing ‘unprecedented’ upgrade in capabilities

Navy undergoing ‘unprecedented’ upgrade in capabilities By YAAKOV LAPPIN 08/07/2013 02:32 Force to receive 2 more advanced German Dolphin-class submarines in 2014, and a long range air defense system. Dolphin-class submarine Photo: Baz

Has anyone regretted undergoing the sleeve surgery ?

Hey everyone - Just thought I would throw this out there as but really would like to know if there are folk out there who look back and say 'I wish I had'nt gone through with the Sleeve' Cheers Mark

Canadian Model Undergoing Big Upgrade (Again)

Last year, the CMC underwent a big upgrade (including the RGEM). It looks like the Canadians are now pumping more money into their model. Here's the details: After seeing significant improvement in their Models in 2013 last month the Canadians announce

Treating people undergoing radio therapy for throat cancer

Treating people undergoing radio therapy for throat cancer

Exemption from undergoing CS Practical training

I have done my CA articleship training of 3.5yrs.My question is that whether I'll get any exemption regarding Cs training?...pls help..i am in confusion

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