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"In the desolate remains of a frozen world..."

#desolate, #remains, #frozen, #world

Nocturnal Illusion - Estiah

"A world of love, loneliness, and despair, where the desolate forever roam. " Nocturnal Illusion, an Estiah guild where strangers meet and slowly get to know each other.

#nocturnal, #illusion, #estiah, #world, #love, #loneliness, #despair, #where, #desolate, #forever, #roam, #" nocturnal, #guild, #strangers, #meet, #slowly, #know, #each, #other

The Prayer Connection

A forum to share your prayer requests and praise reports James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous

#prayer, #connection, #forum, #share, #your, #requests, #praise, #reports james, #16 confess, #faults, #another, #pray, #that, #heal

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Silver Flame Pots = the 250 hp heal pot!

Silver Flame pots were overhauled a few months ago. Very few folks even know about these pots. 400 Favor: At this favor level, a character unlocks access to Greater Silver Flame pots. These potions are incredibly hard to produce, requiring very

Forum Members Hurt and Heal

This game is basically hurt and heal but, Instead of anime character from fairytail I will be making teams of forum members and it's up to you to decide  which team will survive.Each time you post you can hurt and heal one of the characters. It is not

Black Dawn OOC (Closed)

State of the Galaxy Hmmm, you look like you're new to these parts. How can I guess? Because nobody walks in here without being hunted down or a criminal. I don't know which one you are, but maybe you need a little information on how things run aroun

RPG Battle

RPG Battle Instructions & Rules (READ CAREFULLY) : The title say it all, this will be a game of RPG battles. For those who have been into conventions before, you will notice this will be very similar. For those who didn’t, well think of a


(Sorry forgot to add this when i posted my Scythe. My bad. This is not really a weapon but there is not a template for items so I used the Weapon template) Name: Nanobots Type Of Weapon: Implant Primary/Secondary: - Elemental Alignment:

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