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Galaxy GUI

Universal desktop customization forum. Mac, Windows and Linux icons, wallpapers, themes, and more!

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Desktop Stoners Podcast

A Podcast For The Pot Class

#desktop, #stoners, #podcast, #class


Free forum : Here you can talk about Visual styles, Cursors, fonts etc.

#free, #dr.desktop, #here, #talk, #about, #visual, #styles, #cursors, #fonts

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Desktop Tower Defense Pro

Yet ANOTHER game requested by Circle Boy (this is the last one) from Casual Collective. An improved version of the original version, this will probably be a real challenge for some of you. Just make sure those Dark Creeps don't attack from behind and

Selenium RC - Off of the desktop and on thr grid.

Hi, This is a very good document regarding some concept of Selenium RC. To check out the file, go this link: SeleniumRC.pdf Enjoy it.

What's on your desktop?

I got me: Chrome Sony Vegas Pro 10 Vuze Photoshop CS5 Extended Camtasia Studio 7

Vote for the Best Desktop!

Vote for the Best Desktop! Voting thread for Decorate Your Desktop contest Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank to all those who participated in the Decorate Your Desktop contest and sent their entries We really appreciate it. Now the

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