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It's All About Joaquin Phoenix

A fan forum dedicated to the movie star Joaquin Phoenix.

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Joaquin Phoenix retiring from acting to pursue music!

On of my favorite and best (imo) actors is retiring from the biz of acting. Here is more into on this story. I am shocked but he needs to do what he needs to be happy and that makes me happy. Plus he will still be heard

Repairing a Dell Laptop

Disclaimer - you may find this little story of my life utterly boring; proceed at your own risk. I thought I would share this after the latest discussion on computers. I was helping out at the annual parish garage sale for the day, when someone

Full desktop Dell Optiplex 390 SFF

The perfect HTPC for your system. 1. Dell Optiplex 390 system Specs: Processor : Intel core i3 @ 2.93ghz OS: Currently on Win 8 Pro IntelĀ® H61 Express Chipset HDD: 500gb 7200rpm RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333 Ports 8 External USB 2.0 ports (2 in the

Lost or gained in translation?

On Fantasy Ebooks, I found this description of Mr. Planemaker's Flying Machine: "Dell and Emmelisa Planemaker are two ordinary children who lead placid lives in a small town in Geographic area until they learn a unique computer that takes them

Dario Fo: Commedia dell'arte in the 20th century

First page of the old ATU Dario Fo

Kaiser & Co. (Germany)

'Idell 6580 Super', designed by Christian Dell c.1931/32. One of Kaiser & Co.'s rarest and most sought-after models of lamp, with prices often ending in three zeroes when they come up for auction.

Via Crucis I just ordered my copy from Amazon. Not the DVD version---I think? But it said "enhanced" next to the title, so one can always hope.

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