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How often do you get migraines and does it matter as far as stroke risk is concerned?

I was just curious as to how often many of you get your migraine, aura/migraine? I also read somewhere that the greatest risk of stroke is with those who either get migraines on a very regular basis and for those, ironically, who only get them

Stroke and Migraines - how do you tell?

A friend had just experienced a stroke this past year and he was a heavy smoker. So, with this event, it has brought a big awareness into my life about the risks of strokes and the reality is that, we, as a group, are a high risk factor. Especially


I was reading the article below. To prevent stroke, an aspirin everyday is recommended which I guess is good for all cardio diseases. What about rebound? I never heard of someone having rebound from this and it is something doctors recommend a lot. That

stroke lines & drop shadows

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to have a coloured stroke line around the different sections, widgets, header and other stuff? I would also like to add a drop shadow to same sections, widgets, header and other stuff. Can anyone

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