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Natural hair regrowth forum. The latest science and news on hair loss and male pattern baldness. How to hair loss and regrow your hair. www. Immortalhair. org

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Root Canal Extraction. Please help me, CS, anyone with experience..

I got a root canal problem. A Nickle Titanium file tip (the metal file that goes inside the tooth to gut-out all the nerves) got lodged inside one of the many roots a particular tooth, and it got stuck inside the nerve hole at the bottom of the root and

Holistic Palmistry

Ron, with all respect to your prodigious intellect, it doesn't matter what the dictionary says. You have to experience what wholeness (or oneness) is, to really know what it is about. In my opinion, part of wholeness includes your connection with the

Holistic healing and Social work.

I had a dream last night, that I would enjoy having some insight on, if anyone could help me. I was being diciplined at work in my dream, which was hard for me because I attempt at being the best employee that I can be. I was sitting in the board room

Neurologist, and Holistic Dr Apts tomorrow

Hello my faithful brothers and sisters in The Lord! I have been experiencing some concerning symptoms in my body recently. These symptoms have been keeping me from sleeping soundly at night. I have been having muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders

Holistic Doctor helped me identify Hair problem.

My hair loss is rapid and extreme. I'm losing over 200-500 a day if not more. 25 years old and found out my problem. It's adrenal fatigue. So I thought I'd share some info that the doc told me. This appointment was 5 hours sooo I don't remember everything

Recommendations for Holistic Dentist in Southern California, plus....

I've had mercury fillings since I was a kid. Some of which have come loose or disintegrated it seems. I "need" a root canal or two but no longer trust the typical dentist. I'm 27 years old. Just last night I was in a long sleeve thick cotton thermal

Anyone know of a legitimate holistic dentist in Melbourne Australia?

I have been searching for a holistic dentist in Melbourne, Australia for weeks. I can only seem to find the fake ones that also perform root canals and all the other bad stuff... Does anyone know of a good holistic dentist that follows the Huggins

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