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Junior Martyrs at the Panto

The Junior Martyrs annual trip to the Panto was held tonight. This year it was "Babes in the Wood" at Theatr Soar in Merthyr town centre. An excellent performance by Owen Money's Theatre Company once again with a few references as alway

When TV bahus became reality babes

In glambiz, bahus and betis of prime time television rarely get to flaunt their best faces. With almost every daily soap addressing a stereotypical small town Indian bahu/beti, small screen leading ladies only get to drape themselves in Indian attire ever

General Star Trek thread

OK, fellow Trekkies, this thread is for general discussion. Not just Old vs JJ Trek, but discussion of your favorite episodes, movies, books, comics, and merchandise. Make it so!!!! I am almost done with Shatner's 9th Trek book, Captain's Glory. I am


I know a bit early for Christmas but never too early for some Christmas joy: $50 presents, reply to this thread to take part in the fun   For those that haven't taken part before & want to know more just ask. Old threads:


My Esteemed Fellow Forumite, Mordheimer, opened a similar thread on the Death Squad Forum; SO...I thought we might explore the same subject here at TBMF. To kick things off a couple of Infinity Babes: Sci Fi DOES have a

'Babes' will back Butler as the new film face of Rabbie Burns

What the hell? I thought Gerry's people already made it clear that they DID NOT want fangroups becoming financially involved with this project - and I agree with them. I sincerely hope this isn't true, because this is a bad idea. A really bad idea.

Casting call: Filmmakers seek bikers, babes, denture wearers and more for 'Machine Gun Preacher',-babes,-denture-wearers-and-more-for-'machine-gun-preacher' Casting call: Filmmakers seek bikers, babes, denture wearers and more for 'Machine Gun Preacher' (WXYZ)

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