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L^3 Gaming

Lazy L337ists League We are a group of friends that have decided to start an online gaming community that is dedicated to bringing the player back to the forefront.

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Ssj100 Security Forums

Where freedom of speech meets computer security!

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"Five-Seven" and "Defender" handgun unlocks...

Follow the same instruction as the thread about the "Wild Boar" thread I made but use the code "буря-2" Woohoo free guns! lol Just be aware of this... 2- after you have launched GRFS at least once, come back to this page

FansProject Warbot Defender

Manufacturer: FansProject Release Date: Apr. 2010 Original MSRP: $78.99 Aftermarket Price: $120 Size/Class/Dimension: Voyager (6" in robot mode) Triple Changer: Yes! Necessary Components: None Repaints: None KO: None Again. Another

Half-Elf Stalwart Defender

May consider doing one of these in the future (Rhankor or Dee would be perfect to TR):

New Class Artificier

Can we start a collection of do's and donts and work out some sweet builds. I am guessing a few of us will do this build Tod From DDO Wiki Class Summary Hit dice: d6 [edit] Class Skills Skill points at 1st level: (4 + Intelligence

Defender TD

Eh, figured the first map I finish ought to be an easy one, so I am making a Tower Defense. Progress:  Terrain: IIIIIIIIII preview Regions: IIIIIIIIII Triggers: IIIIIIIIII Builders/Buildings: IIIIIIIIII Runners: IIIIIIIIII Level System:

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