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A forum dedicated to the appreciation and worship of the most gargantuan primate to win on Earth.

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Weircioch takes puck to the throat - taken to hospital

Weircioch took a puck to the throat in tonight's game and was taken to the hospital. Joy lindsay says a respirator is being used on him, but possibly to reduce the swelling. Sounds serious though, hope he'll be okay. Come on patty, we're praying for

Permanent side stand puck

Hi Guys, The mainstand is killing my back - which is a bit knackered anyway. Has anyone found a permanent sidestand puck solution to give a bit more confidence the 'K' will stay upright? I reckon my sidestand is a bit worn at the pivot but I've done al

Puck Prospectus Top 100 Prospects If Wiercioch can fix some 'uncertainties' in his game, he could rise into the top 10. 17. Patrick Wiercioch, Defense- Ottawa Senators Bio: Drafted in the 2nd round, 42nd overall in 2008 by

Towbar suppliers?

anyone know where you can buy a towbar for a hornet(on dry suspension)? are they hard to fit? also what is the weight limit for towing? i'm thinking about getting a tiny trailer tent to replace my perforated fiat 900e camper. its becoming more patch than

Ice Plex Stick n Puck

Does someone on here play hocket at the Ice Plex on Raleigh Blvd?

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