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Core Tech

its a engeenears forum of all about to develop and perform actions of mobiles, and all of the electronics....

#core, #tech, #engeenears, #forum, #about, #develop, #perform, #actions, #mobiles, #electronics

Konjou Musha

Konjou Musha is a japanese fantasy forum RPG where players can take on the role of a Samurai or Ninja and perform quests and battles with other players.

#konjou, #musha, #japanese, #fantasy, #where, #players, #take, #role, #samurai, #ninja, #perform, #quests, #battles, #with, #other

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Selenium test workflows, what about my way to develop and perform test?

Hello everybody. I am Davide i would love congratulate with you about this usefull forum I am a tester of webapps, normaly i test with QTP but i don t like it that much i am really interested starting with selenium but i am not too good in

How to model Facts with Conformed Dims on different grain level in BO XI universe

Hi, I have got two facts that share one dimension on different levels. I searched different forums, but could not find an answer so far. Sample: Conformed Dim: D_DATE on daily grain with (unique) DAY_ID and (multiple)

Not able to do any action on Pop Up Window

Hi I am working on dot net application. Under one scenario we have few buttons on the base page and on clicking system is opening an another pop up window . In that window we have some checkboxes fields to select. I am able to open the po

Can we perform drag-and-drop' from local folder to a particular xpath in web page using Selenium Webdriver?

Is it possible to perform drag an element(.mov) file from the windows local folder and drop it on the some a particular Xpath! If its possible can you plz share me the code? Or is there any alternatives?

How to Do Keyboard operations in selenium

Hi All, I am having one webedit box i need to enter 3 values in it . Here the prblm is after entering 3 letters i will get a dropdown ... here i need to do mouse down and enter how to do it in selenium rc Please help me Thanks, Silpa.K

How to perform "Ok\Cancel" button of a zip file message box that opens from a website in Selenium IDE ?

Hi Friends, I just wanna perform either "ok\cancel" button of a zip file message box that opens from a website while recording it .. The html scripts have not been generated for the same in the selenium ide table window. Do i need to write script

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