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Haven't you got a 'business' to run? Moron

Senior T&T players on strike over Stanford $$$$$

Oh dear oh dear oh dear Now I am a Trini, and I haven't heard of a number of the players in the new squad. This is a massive shame as it is depriving the likes of Daren Bravo and Justin Guillien a chance to shine on the big stage. I was really

Fao dane bunney

This little troll found me on twitter and trying his little games on there aswell as here. Not that i mind strangers adding me as if he is annoying he can be blocked and has been but as i am not helping him get more followers you can earn your own, i'll

Golf Rage Leaves Man Disabled

Sunshine Coast Daily, Australia Golf rage leaves man disabled 7th June 2011 A GOLF club carelessly thrown has left a young man no longer able to work, to play sport or read and write after it caved in his skull. The club was thrown by a

Is this a authentic brett favre jets jersey

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