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Free forum : A Forum For The French Singer, Performer and Dancer Matt Pokora.

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[Aegis] guild for Eden Eternal... we are the shield that protects and the sword that serves justice where it is needed.

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Micorsoft Plus Dancer

Do you have this in your Computer? We Install it yesterday it is very entertaing to watch on how they dance for those who don't have it you Can have small peopel dancing on you desk top then it is very interesting

Usher Mini Dancer 2 Speaker with Diamond Tweeter (Used) RESEVERD

Usher Mini Dancer 2 Diamond Tweeter Mint condition l am the original owner 2-way System metallic-ceramic dome tweeter 1.25" (9980-20BEA), mid-low woofer 7"x2 (8948A) Sensitivity 90 dB @ 1 watt / 1m Nominal Impedance 4 ohms Frequency Respons

Usher Mini Dancer Two Floorstander (New)

Extra set of Usher Mini Dancer II for Sales. It is Brand New and Only open for Photo Taking Purposes. For those who don't have the space or budget for the bigger Dancers, but prefer a self-contained floor-standing system, the Dancer Mini-One and

Snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea

I took a week off and went with the family to Sardinia, doing nothing. Instead of getting my body baked in the sun, I bought a mask and snorkel and explored the Under water world. I made some videos and pictures: Here a small video. It'

Challenge: Pole Dancer

So I have a membership at a pole dance/fitness studio (no, no plans to be a stripper...I'm not very good right now, but it's fun and MAN are these classes a work out! The cardio ones, anyway.) and last week my instructor asked if I could twist a pole

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