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Free forum : Grim Sword

Free forum : Grim Sword is a Dagorhir chapter in Manor, Texas. Manor is located roughly 20 minutes east of Austin. Dagorhir is a foam fighting boffer LARP (live action role playing game). Dagorhir is

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Barad'Dun The Western Tower

Free forum : Welcome to the web forum for Barad'Dun a chapter of the Dagorhir Battle Games Association.

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I feel horribly manipulated by this.

[youtube][/youtube] Does anyoneknow why it's not embedding btw?

Does anyone else have a psychological problem with short men?

I really hate short men, any man who is less than 5'9 should not be allowed to be called a man. I mean who the hell do they think they are wearing suits and pretending to be like me?   Have you also noticed all small men have small man syndrome where the

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) ? If you have received any sort of assistance for a psychological or mental health problem in recent years, the changes are you have come across the term “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy”. Despite the fact that it

Most evil boxer in motion picture

1. Clubber Lang - Mr. T gets the Academy Award for overacting, however it was entertaining. Nothing but a Rocky movie could accomodate a performance like the one T gave, but the movie as a whole came out well, which is the important thing. 2. Craig

Blood Loss!

So I went to give blood yesterday. I'm generally OK with needles. So far in my life i've adopted the idea of just not looking when they do it - for the reason that I HAVE almost fainted when looking at a cut I received once - and it's worked (never ha

Raoul Moat

I live in Newcastle at the moment so this has been rather worrying! Gateshead is a 3 minute drive and my room mate works in Denton which is where the shooting of a police officer took place. Would be nice if they caught this loon sometime soon.... But

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