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Free forum : ETAK is a group of people that share the same interest in Reef, Freshwater, Saltwater, Brackish, Planted, Pond..keeping

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Slithering Waters

Homalopsines (Asian Water Snakes) The water snakes I currently possess all belong to the Homalopsinae family; a group of Southeast-Asian rear-fanged snakes thought to be colubrids but have been hypothesized to derive from a more archaic branch of the orde

Any Brackish Tank Keepers?

Most likely will be purchasing a tank soon and included with it are a couple of bumblebee gobys. As cute as those little buggers are I'd prefer they go to a home where they can be in brackish. And yes I know they can live in fresh, they are now, but they

BRACKISH water fish

American Flagfish Jordanella floridae African moony Monodactylus sebae Arius berneyi (Berney's Shark Catfish, Lesser Salmon Catfish) Archer Fish Arrowhead Puffer Fish Australian shark catfish Arius graeffei Banded archerfish Toxotes

So I Got An Arowana

Ok as the title states. What can I expect from it. How intelligent are they? How entertaining are they? What is a good diet. As of right now mine is eating my pbass that I just got from Bobby lol (suddenly brought back to a pbass in my payaras stomach).

Brackish water Plants

Ceratophyllum Spp. (Hornwort) Cryptocoryne Ciliata Elodea Canadensis (Canadian Pondweed) Hygrophila Polysperma (Dwarf Hygrophila) Microsorium Pteropus (Java Fern) Sagittaria Platyphylla (Giant Sag) Sagittaria subulata (Dwarf

Guppies and Mollies - brackish?

i've got 5 orange mollies, and about 12(10female 2 male) guppies in 1.004 salinity... good or bad? up or down? the intrawebz is divided on the subject also this is a 20gallon long with lots of fake plants and a couple bricks

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