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Rooting tomato cuttings?

Had a bunch of good size tomato cuttings available today from trimming 4ea 10" plants for the "laydown" method... I took them straight from the razor blade cut and put them directly in a glass of NON-chlorinated water (supported by a foil top with smal

How long can cuttings be stored?

just wandering how long tip cuttings of columnar cacti can last without being planted, and what is the best way to keep them? ie in a dark dry spot?

Growing new Blueberry Bushes from cuttings

I would like to grow some new blueberry bushes by taking cuttings from a bush that my friend has. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Tomato cuttings - only from suckers?

Hi all. Quick question. A friend of mine this weekend asked if I could give her a cutting from my black krim tomato plant. Last year I know that I successfully rooted cuttings from tomatoes, but those cuttings were suckers. I happen to have pinched off

How many cuttings to a crop of lettuce ..

How many times are you getting to cut your lettuce.. [pinch off tops or cut to eat] do you guys get before you plant is done? I have some so far I have cut four or five times.. have you found there a cut off to just pull up and replant? Thank you

Cuttings From Last Year

Well I did few cuttings last year  and unfortunately I forgot to label them   I think that might be heidesommer, or anyone else think its something else .. please share    

New Fuchsia Cuttings - Cuttings From Cuttings

The cycle is recommencing. I have planted three cuttings from the fuchsia cuttings on the 6th May 2012 in the one pot. Dipped the stems into root hormone powder. Fertilised them with Aquasol fertiliser when watering the potting mix, as well. Fingers

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